Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Recipe Needed

It always amazes me what children find to be a culinary delight. 
I was not suprised to see Zoe out in the yard eating dirt, she seems to find this to be a rather tasty side dish to her chocolate milk. 
She was once again just off the front steps scooping handfulls into her mouth and giggling.  Now I realize that they say children eating dirt is a sign that they are low on iron, but with the giggles in her actions, it makes me wonder if this was more to get a reaction out of her mommy than it was to feed her body some much needed nurtients.  I am pondering if it is worth the cost of iron enriched vitamins or if I should let her feast upon what God hath given us.
While I was putting the final touches on dinner, I heard a faint grunting noise coming from my bathroom.  Yes, most people would have strayed away at that point, not wanting to really know what might be taking place in such a forbidden room, but not me.  I am afterall a curious sort.  I head towards the bathroom with my curiousity peaked and open the slightly askew door to find Zoe perched on top of the counter top, feet in the sink, toothbrushes in hand and grunting wildly as she tried to get the toothpaste from the tube.  As I remove her from the countertop; I explain that toothpaste is not a before dinner snack.  So off she goes, or so I thought.
Low and behold, when I am once again in deep thought over dinner, I notice out of the corner of my eye the bathroom door is once again a smidgen bit more open than it was when I last left it, darn me for not closing the door all the way!  Once again, Zoe is perched upon the counter top, this time in the dark, trying to delight herself in the flavors of toothpaste. 
I have to say that I am honestly very grateful she saved enough room for dinner.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Evening Y'all

I am just getting started in the blogging world, so please forgive me if things are changing a lot at first.  I need to find what is eye pleasing and easily maneuverable.  If you have suggestions, I sure would appreciate them.
Thanks for visiting, keep coming back because this is quite the crazy life!