Monday, March 12, 2012

College as a Parent

I have tried the college path before as an adult and as ready as I thought I was, I wasn't.  This time, I was encouraged and driven and so far, so good.
It has been hard though.  I decided to take a full load (13 hrs this semester) of all online classes.  I thought this was a brilliant idea, thought being the key word here.
I took all online classes so I could work at my own pace and work during non typical hours.  Non typical being between 10pm and 2am most days.
I quickly found out that this was quite difficult. I am exhausted by that part of the day, but with homeschooling the kids, housework and well...LIFE, this is when I have time. 
Beyond the countless number of times I have had to re-read things just to get my mind to absorb the information, you do not get any of the luxury of teacher lectures and those little tale-tale hints of what you REALLY need to know.  I spend hours upon hours reading the text books, while that is a great, if you don't find textbooks to be stimulating reading material, it is really difficult to make it through a few pages without wondering what person really thought all these bits and pieces of information would help you understand what they really meant.
I love it though.  I am doing well and thrilled that I have finally buckled down to get this stuff done.
I have also given my oldest son a word of advice, "Please go to college when you are young and have few responsibilities other than taking care of yourself.  It is much easier."
If you have completed college as parent or while working full time, part time and taking care of numerous other responsibilities, I applaud you.  It is hard, but so rewarding.

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